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In Person Training with Facetime Support

Tela-Pool Service

Imagine never having to worry again about a pool service company showing up to do the work you already paid them to do. No more frustrating feeling of wasting your hard-earned money on poor service and no-shows. Imagine just simply enjoying your pool year-round, because you KNOW your pool is operating properly, your chemical levels are safe, and should something go wrong, you will have the ability to Facetime a Certified Pool Operator for immediate fixes.

The Program Summary:

Worldwide Pool Care Inc. Is a fully licensed and insured residential and commercial swimming pool company that is operated by Certified Pool Operators with over 30 years of pool maintenance and repair experience. We are now offering to share our extensive swimming pool experience with homeowners that want to learn how to service and maintain their own swimming pools. Our in-home visit and follow up support makes it EASY for ANYONE to maintain their own pool potentially saving thousands of dollars per year.

Pool Cleaning Equipment

A)    One in-home visit in which a certified pool operator will perform the following services:

  1. Create a file video of your pool and your pool equipment which will be stored on our server for any follow-up support you require. This video guarantees that all of our employees are familiar with YOUR POOL and not just giving out general pool advise.

  2. Calculate your pool water volume for proper chemical dosages needed that day and at any time that a special chemical application might be needed in the future. In other words, we can advise you how much of any chemical is needed based on any situation presented to us. (VERY IMPORTANT)

  3. Teach the homeowners basic pool maintenance and basic preventive maintenance including but not limited to, water testing, pool cleaning, filter cleaning and maintenance. Basic trouble shooting.

  4. We will then email the homeowner a spec sheet for their pool which will include the equipment that is running the pool, the size of the pool, the pool chemical readings from the in-home visit and a recommendation list of what is needed to get your pool running safely and efficiently.

The Program Includes:

B)    Six months of follow up support through emails and Facetime calls:

  1. Email us anytime with questions or concerns and one of our Certified Pool Operators will look up your pool information and respond within 24 hours. Responses may include instructional videos.

  2. Schedule a Facetime call through our website seven days a week. Once scheduled, one of our Certified Pool Operators will Facetime you so that you can show them what you are experiencing with your pool.

  3. Priority scheduled in home service calls for repairs and equipment installation. (Please note that there will be an additional fee for all in-home service calls requested after the initial program visit. The fee will vary based on the services requested)

Call Center Headset

The Program Cost:

  1.    The above-mentioned services will cost $199.00 which includes one in-home visit, six months of follow up support and six months of Priority Scheduling should additional in-home visits be requested. (In-home visits are charged additional service call fees)

  2.    After the initial six-month agreement is over, you can extend your agreement for $15.00 per month and cancel at any time.

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